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  • Hey!

    I’m writing to let you know that we’ve found your podcast interesting & noteworthy, and would like to bring your show to Playboy! Playboy Radio would like to officially invite you to do a special episode of your show for one of our stations on SiriusXM Radio.

    This slot is unique. It’s for Spice 103. Spice is an adult channel, has no language guidelines and normally consists of explicit sexual content. You’re expected and encouraged to be provocative on our air. This show will be available across North America to SXM’s more than 40 Million listeners. And we would establish the ability for you to take live phone calls during the show.

    While this episode, and its content, remain the exclusive property of Playboy Radio, all of your trademarks, copy-writes, characters etc remain your sole property. We encourage you to view this opportunity as a free international advertisement for your ongoing podcast. We are confident that many of our subscribers will find you online and become fans of your work as well.

    If a first show goes well, we’d like to ask you to return periodically as part of a rotation of podcasts that form a weekly series on our station. We’re hoping you see the potential value in partnering with companies like SiriusXM and Playboy. We believe in the possibility of this project having great benefits for all sides.

    Our studios are located in Sothern California, but we’ll have capability to Skype your content into us from anywhere in the world. So you won’t have to be in the studio if you prefer to do it in your own place, or if the studio is too far for travel.

    Please let me know your thoughts, we’d like to get started as early as March 1, so we need to discuss specifics & have a call with you, me and Farrell, the Program Director.


    Barry Funkhouser
    Creative Services
    Playboy Radio, SXM 102/103

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