Mistress Brighton wants you to have a wake-up call from hell.

wake up calls from hell

Let me make something painfully clear: I am NOT a morning person, never have been. However, if you’re into humiliation and torment and well… pain, I implore you to schedule a wake-up call, with me. It will be a wake-up call you won’t soon forget, and one that will leave you aching for more. Just imagine my sweet, come hither voice, beckoning you from the astral plane, and then beating you with a shoe, for waking me up.. to wake you up. Listen to my audio for more details on how you can set up a wake-up call with Goddess Brighton. And if you want a super kinky phone sex call during my regular working hours, you can call 1-800-356-6169.

See you soon!

Mistress Brighton

Wake Up Calls from Hell

by Mistress Brighton | VoxErotic Podcast