There are many ways to discipline a naughty submissive, and spanking is one of them. 

Then there are so many ways to deliver a spanking… different positions… different implements… over clothes, undies or directly on a bare ass… for punishment, eroticism or both… and it all depends on who is getting it and who is giving it – and how they give it.

I happen to know a certain submissive man :wink: :wink: (among many!) who loves having his ass warmed up when he’s been naughty! He LOVES a stern spanking, and he finds one kind to be exceptionally erotic when it is given in a particular way. It turns him on like nothing else

If you get a thrill from being spanked, what kind do you need and what about it gets you most excited???

Erotic Punishment Spanking

by Ms. EmmaJane | VoxErotic Podcast