A Mistress will often cuckold her partners. But, I think ANY smart woman (she doesn’t have to be a Femdom) should fuck anyone she wants. This circumstance might be a little … ahem … disconcerting to her husband. I often say, it’s not easy to be a cuckold.

I speak from experience. I have told my lovers that I am polyamorous with a high sex drive. This tends to attract people who are curious about being cuckolded. As hot as this fantasy is — and make no mistake it IS super sexy — a real life cuckold scene can bring mixed emotions.

I want to know all about you being a beta male while an Alpha Male fucks your “woman.” What is your particular cuckold confession. Confessions make me hot. I like being wet. In fact, I’m so wet right now I’m going to call my big cock stud lover and ….

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia

Evolution of a Cuckold

by Mistress Olivia | VoxErotic Podcast