I believe that deep down in everyone’s soul there is a wish to be genuine and true to one’s self. It is wonderfully liberating when you are no longer afraid and finally able to confront the real you. The time has come for you to face your inferiority head-on, not just becoming the submissive man that you’ve always perceived yourself to be, but a true servant in the face of the feminine mystique.

We start the process with the obvious…admit that your Mistress is superior. This macho self-delusion you internalized so many years ago ends now. Give in to feminization and release the closeted, bisexual tendencies that have been imprisoned inside your mind for far too long.

Preparing you for the task of sexually servicing a man without guilt or shame will be the fulfillment of your long-held desires. I also like to think that your response to all this is going to be not just sexually arousing, but life-changing and self-affirming.

Isn’t wonderful when you can finally see yourself in an honest and compassionate sort of way?

A Wish to Be Genuine

by Mistress Cindy | VoxErotic Podcast