I know you. I know you better in some ways than you know yourself. You’re one of those strange but endearing types…you know what I mean. You’re one of those guys that get turned on when a woman tells you that you’re too small. I think it’s called Small Penis Humiliation, or SPH for short.

Yeah, that’s you. You like the way women react at the sight of your penis. I’ve seen other men like you before. It’s a bit strange how they look so innocent but deep down can’t wait to expose their genitals to unsuspecting women in private.

Don’t you know, my little dicklette friend, that little dicks aren’t permitted to cum inside a pussy? Pussies are reserved for cocks that give friction and last longer…and look at you…you’re even getting off on that!

You’ve got your anatomical shame and have turned it into a perversion, haven’t you?

You see…I told you I’ve got your number, Mr. Mini-Weiner…and, by the way, I know exactly what you do for fun and games!

Your Penis is Too Small for Your Mistress' Taste

by Mistress Cindy | Femdom Podcast